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BOLAJI - Artist/President of Hotstyle Music

Bolaji has been a devoted Supporter of Hip Hop Music and artist since the "Golden Era"

As an  Artist he's collaborated with numerous Companies, Producers, Emcees & DJ's on projects ranging from Indy Mix Cd's to licensing and releasing Commercial units.

Bolaji has a confident candid delivery that would sit well with any fan of hip Hop Music. 

Most recently you'll notice many inspirational messages showing us that he has evolved into an artist that likes to convey thoughts to those of us who cherish meaningful lyrics. 

Currently Buzzing in the US, UK, Africa, France, Germany, Japan & Canada he has developed a following that consists of true Hip Hop consumers that'll spend capital to keep bolaji's latest in their playlists.

You can listen and or purchase songs by Bolaji following the links on this site or searching your favorite distributor of independent  music.

For additional information please email:

hotstylemusic@gmail.com referencing "BOLAJI" in the subject line.

Thank you for your support!